Frontera SA The company was incorporated on 1970 and for the past years, has ventured into the activity of the construction industry, in order to expand into the market of Argentina.

Frontera SA is a company of construction, engineering, public and private that seeks to improve its roster of human resources, equipment and incorporate technologies to produce works of high quality construction, with the lowest possible industrial cost, and the optimal execution time, at the level of major international construction firms. Frontera has an efficient team of professionals, covering the fields of civil and hydraulic engineering, and has a complete and modern equipment park, which will allow the execution of large projects and high complexity.

Construction activities with the highest degree of specialization are: civil engineering; roads; sanitation; dredging; dikes; dams and soil movement Frontera has a large and modern fleet of construction machines, consisting of heavy equipment, suitable for the development of their specific activities and is currently acquiring a dredge, for use in a recent engagement.


  • Dredging
  • Routes
  • Rock drilling

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DASA Members

Dragados Argentinos DASA S.A is a company incorporated and registered in Buenos Aires on 2015; with a total share capital of 102.000 $. The company is comprised of three main partners, specialists in the Construction and Dredging Services in Argentina: SUPERCEMENTO SAIC - (DRAGADOS Y OBRAS PORTUARIAS SA - DYOPSA), FRONTERA SA and PENTAMAR S.A.