Since its inception in 1955, Supercemento S.A.I.C. He was devoted to the construction of aqueducts and collectors, from the development of prestressed concrete in the manufacture of large diameter pipes. The company is the successor in the country of Vianini SPA It carried out its first major step with the construction of the Aqueduct City of Bahia Blanca, under the direction of Engineer Julian Astolfoni.

Integration with Dragados y Obras Portuarias S.A, allowed constitute a solid group Argentine businessman, professionals and technicians with extensive experience to meet the needs and requirements of the country. His specialty is the development of projects, build, maintain and operate all types of drainage works, water, roads, tunnels, ports, dredging, coastal treatments, architecture and energy.

The main objective of the company is to keep a special place in the execution of the great things the country needs. (For more details on the company Supercemento SAIC. See «ANNEX 1 BROCHURE Supercemento.»).


  • Water treatment plants
  • Aqueducts
  • Plant collectors
  • Architecture
  • Hospitals
  • Routes
  • Fluvial drains
  • Gas pipelines

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DASA members

Dragados Argentinos DASA S.A is a company incorporated and registered in Buenos Aires on 2015; with a total share capital of 102.000 $. The company is comprised of three main partners, specialists in the Construction and Dredging Services in Argentina: SUPERCEMENTO SAIC - (DRAGADOS Y OBRAS PORTUARIAS SA - DYOPSA), FRONTERA SA and PENTAMAR S.A.