Pentamar is an engineering company applied to construction, a leader in the construction of water infrastructure, roads, earthworks and urban developments. It is, entirely Argentina, a family company with a strong track record of nearly 40 years in the business. Has focused on customer satisfaction vision, it has contributed to widespread recognition in the design and implementation of projects in the field of public and private sectors. His experience in filling works and sanitation in flood areas has been the mainstay of its real estate business. His growing prominence in urban development has helped to force this experience and extend it to the urban infrastructure construction.

Pentamar specializes in dredging and earthworks, mainly in flooded areas which by their nature require special equipment and sanitation solutions.

It also runs complementary works to its core business, which allowed him to acquire significant experience in road and urban infrastructure works, and develop the capacity to undertake comprehensive projects.

As projects within their specialty, dredging and prosecutions of rivers, drainage channels and waterways, and infrastructure works including port works, defense embankments, pumping stations, piloting and filling of low lands are made.

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  • Dredging and refulados speciality

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DASA members

Dragados Argentinos DASA S.A is a company incorporated and registered in Buenos Aires on 2015; with a total share capital of 102.000 $. The company is comprised of three main partners, specialists in the Construction and Dredging Services in Argentina: SUPERCEMENTO SAIC - (DRAGADOS Y OBRAS PORTUARIAS SA - DYOPSA), FRONTERA SA and PENTAMAR S.A.